Huon Trails Concept

The Tracks

Existing small roads will be made safer for bike riding, horses and walking. Immediate benefits for locals, as well as new signage for tourists.

Existing walking tracks will be brought up to a family standard at minimal cost.

A Mountain Bike Park along the Snug Tiers is part of the Huon Trails. This Park has a real chance for federal funding at the next election, and would kick-start our adventure holiday reputation.

Bike tracks along major roads would be an investment in safety, travel and health that would contribute five times their cost to the region.

New tracks will engage local support. Good design and connection to populated areas will make them easily maintained by locals, at low cost.

A signature walking trail, designed by Jan Zappner a legend of the Huon, would be an eight-day walk from kunanyi/Mt Wellington to the southern-most point of Australia. Carrying day packs, walkers would traverse stunning rural and native scenery and stop overnight for local food and accommodation at Vince’s Saddle, Huonville, Franklin, Geeveston, Dover, Southport and Cockle Creek. This would compete with some of the best walks in Europe.

The Concept

  • Build high quality multi-use trails, spread across the Valley, with benefits for all locals.
  • Market the Huon Trails as a fun, family, adventure holiday region.
  • The even spread will avoid the problems of tourist hot spots that stretch infrastructure, damage nature and disrupt communities.
  • Over three days, a family could hire bikes, go kayaking or horse riding through our lovely hills and coastlines. Each day they would stop for meals and accommodation in a different town.

The Benefits

  • Access to fun activities in nature. Outdoor exercise benefits everyone’s physical and mental health. Huge benefits for school excursions.
  • Safe bike tracks that link towns for local transport.
  • Ongoing youth employment through trail building and guiding, and in small business services needed to support tourists and locals.
  • A powerful economic driver that builds on our existing reputation for food and culture, and small friendly communities

Council’s role

A Council with leadership can unite the community to develop the Huon Trails. This will bring better health, employment and transport options to the region. The money that will flow into the community justifies this investment, and will continue to give year after year.

Dorset Council built mountain-bike tracks in Derby and is expecting 50,000 visitors next year. This shows what adventure tourism can do for a local economy. When the energy provided by the Huon Trails is working across the valley, private and Council assets will not be sold as is happening at present. We need a Council that drives adventure tourism so that ratepayers continue to enjoy our valley and are able to profit from it.

The Huon Trails walks map

The Huon Trails walks map


Here you can download the Huon Trails EOI – Expression of Interest for the “Next Great Iconic Walk”.

DOWNLOAD: Expression of interest Version 5


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